Fixed Deposits Fixed Deposits

Deposits are accepted ranging from 30 days to 10 years and the interest is paid at regular intervals (monthly/quarterly/half yearly) at an attractive rate of interest.
All individuals / associations etc. are eligible to open the Fixed Deposit Account.
Fixed Deposits can also be accepted for any period in multiples of complete months or even for a period where the terminal month is incomplete.
Ex. For 13 months and 12 days.
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Mahesh Automatic Renewal Scheme (MARS) Mahesh Automatic Renewal Scheme (MARS)

Short Term Deposits of 30 days duration are accepted under the scheme and will be automatically renewed together with interest repeatedly for 30 days at a time.
No need to produce the deposit receipt for renewals. TDS if applicable will be deducted on every renewal.
Deposits are accepted from Individuals as well as from Firms and Societies and issued in multiples of Rs. 100/-. >

Mahesh Cash Certificate (MCC) Mahesh Cash Certificate (MCC)

A small odd amount of deposit made today grows into a lumpsum rounded of sum i.e., in multiples of Rs. 100/- , Rs. 1000/-,Rs. 5000/-, and so on.

Features :

  • Cash Certificates are issued in the denomination of Rs. 100 and its multiples.
  • Period of deposit ranging from 12 to 120 months and interest is compounded quarterly.
Mahesh Daily Deposit Scheme Mahesh Daily Deposit Scheme
  • The scheme is primarily intended for those who are interested to save a small portion of their earnings on day to day basis, for investment in productive activities.

    The minimum amount of Deposit is Rs.50/- per day. The minimum period of deposit is 12 months and maximum is 36 months.

    MDD account may be opened in the:

  1. Name of individual’s.
  2. Joint names payable to either or survivor
  3. Name of Firm
  4. Name of Minors duly represented by their Guardians (declaration about the date of birth of minor is to be submitted).
  • Amounts can be credited into the account by a depositor through an Authorized Agent of the Bank.

    The Authorized Agent of the Bank will collect the deposit at the doorsteps of the depositor, and issue acknowledgement receipt/slip. The Authorized Agent will carry an Identity Card issued by the Bank.

     The rate of interest payable on this deposit is:

  1.  Less than 12 months - Nil
  2. 12 months & above and up to & including 25 months 2.50%, p.a.
  3. Above 25 months and up to & including 36 months 3.50%. p.a.
  • Prematurity Refund:

    Before one month - Not Permitted

    After 1 Month & before 12 months - Permitted with penalty @3% and without interest

    12 Months and above - Interest will be paid at applicable MDD rates


    Bank may consider granting of loans at its discretion up to 75% of the outstanding amount against the security of Deposit amount. The minimum loan shall be Rs. 5000/- and the rate of interest is 10% p.a.

Mahesh Dynamic Fixed Deposit Scheme: Mahesh Dynamic Fixed Deposit Scheme:

It is a fixed deposit scheme coupled with automatic overdraft facility.

  • Minimum Deposits under scheme is Rs. 5000/- or in multiples thereof.
  • Minimum period of deposit is 12 months.
  • Depositor is issued with a cheque book after opening an overdraft account and fixing the limit for overdraft facility on arriving at the margin of the deposit amount.
Mahesh Lakhpati Yojana Mahesh Lakhpati Yojana
  • The Scheme is aimed at mobilizing the savings of Salaried Employees and Wage earners
  • Helps depositors to plan their savings in order to meet their future contingencies like marriage expenses, higher education, retirement etc..
  • Under the scheme, depositor shall pay every month a specified amount for a specific period in order to receive minimum 1 Lac on the date of maturity.
  • Deposits are received for definite periods of 15, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 months for completed quarters.
  • Deposits can be opened independently or in joint names or by a firm / company / association.
  • Monthly instalments and period of the deposit cannot be altered subsequently under any circumstances.
  • Loans can be granted at the discretion of the Bank subject to margins and rate of interest prescribed by the Bank.

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Mahesh Mangal Nidhi (MMN) Mahesh Mangal Nidhi (MMN)

A rare combination with the both the features of Recurring Deposit and Cash Certificate. Investing the amount at monthly intervals for a specific period and tacit waiting will make you the owner of a sizable amount.


  • An ideal scheme for recurring Lumsum amount at the end of 10 years by paying monthly instalments only for a limited no of years.
  • The scheme has three packages and all are for period of 10 years wherein the depositor is required to pay monthly installaments for a specified period depending upon the package chosen.
  • Deposits made for the specified period along with interest will remain with the Bank for the balance period of 10 years when the target amount as per the package will be paid.
  • Deposits can be in individual or joint names.
  • Monthly Installments / period of deposit cannot be altered subsequently under any circumstances.
Mahesh Multiplier Deposit Scheme Mahesh Multiplier Deposit Scheme

It is a special term deposit under which the quarterly interest payable is reinvested. As a result the interest on term deposit transforms into a higher effective rate of interest. 

  • Deposits are accepted under the scheme in multiples of Rs. 100 , for periods ranging from 12 to 120 months.
  • Deposits can be opened by individual either singly or jointly with others.
  • A natural guardian can open the account on behalf of a minor by giving declaration of the date of birth of the minor.

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Mahesh Tax Saver Fixed Deposit & Mahesh Tax Saver Multiplier Deposit Scheme Mahesh Tax Saver Fixed Deposit & Mahesh Tax Saver Multiplier Deposit Scheme

The Fixed Deposits and multiplier deposits made under this scheme are in all respects the same as our normal Fixed Deposit and Multiplier Deposits as for as governing the systems and procedures and interest rate structure ore concerned.

  • Investment in these deposits cannot exceed Rs. 1.50 Lac (As per the latest amendment by Govt. of India).
  • It can be any amount in multiples of Rs. 100 upto Rs. 1.50 Lac
  • Accounts can be opened by individuals or HUFs.
  • Deposit has to be at least for a period of 5 Years and no premature encashment are permitted before the expiry of 5 Years from the date of deposit receipt.
  • Deposits cannot be pledged at collateral security or otherwise.
Recurring Deposit Recurring Deposit

A recurring deposit may be opened in the names of Individuals, joint holders, minors, firms, institutions, associations and companies without restriction to number of accounts.

  • Recurring Deposit accounts are for definite period ranging from 12 to 120 months
  • Instalments in multiples of Rs. 5.00 per month are acceptable
  • Monthly instalment and period of the deposit cannot be altered subsequently under any circumstances.
  • If closed before 3 months, no interest needs to be paid.
  • Loans on recurring deposit may be granted subject to margin and rate of interest prescribed by Head Office from time to time.