Service Charges

Savings Bank - Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

Minimum Balance No Minimum Balance.

Savings Bank A/c - with Cheque facility

Minimum Balance Rs.1000/-
Charges for non maintenance thereof Rs.20/- per month + GST (Debited at monthly intervals)
Average balance to be maintained Rs 1000/-. If average balance is not maintained by customer then the charges applicable will be 10% on the difference amount between the actual total average balance maintained and the minimum balance to be maintained, subject to minimum of Rs 20/-+GST.
Cheque Book Charges
Upto 40 leaves Free
Above 40 leaves Rs. 2.5/- per leaf + GST 

Current Account

Minimum Balance Rs.3000/-
Charges for non maintenance thereof Rs.300/- per month + GST (Debited at monthly intervals)
Issue of cheque leaves - Current A/c, CC, ODOS, ODD, SSCC etc.. Rs. 2.50/- per leaf + GST 
Folio Charges : Periodicity of levying - 6 months
Charges is levied based on the average balances maintained in the account as detailed under:
Avg. Balance Number of Free Folios  
Upto Rs. 25,000/- Nil Maximum No.of transactions permitted per folio are 40 and charges per folio is Rs.50/- + GST .
Rs. 25,001 - 50,000/- 3
Rs. 50,001 - 1,00,000/- 5
Rs. 1,00,001 - 2,00,000/- 10
Above Rs. 2,00,000/- Unlimited

Other Services

Issue of Duplicate statement of Account Rs.50/- + GST  irrespective of no of sheets on single instance. 

Incidental Charges on Closure of A/c

i). CA, CC, ODOS, ODD, SSCC etc., (Other than Staff)

ii).Savings Bank account(Other than Staff)

Rs 200/-(+) GST

With cheque book facility:
1..If closed within One year from the date of opening of account Rs. 100/- + GST

2..If closed after 1 yr from the date of opening of account Rs.50/- + GST 

Stop Payment Charges for SB, CA, CC, ODD/ODOS/SSI etc

Rs. 50/- per instrument + GST

Rs. 300/- + GST  for series of instruments (Series means 6 or Above Instruments)

Remittances Facilities through our Bank

DD -Issue instrument upto 1.00 lac
Instruments Above 1.00 lacs

Rs. 0.50/- per Rs.1000/- or part thereof subject to a minimum of Rs.10/- per instrument  +GST.
Rs 0.50/- per Rs. 1000/- or part thereof subject to a minimum of Rs. 50/- per instrument  + GST.

DD - Cancellation Rs.50/- per instrument + GST
PO - Issue Upto and inclusive of Rs.1000/- - Minimum Rs.10/- + GST 
Above Rs.1000/- - 0.05 ps per Rs.100/-. Minimum Rs.10/- + GST ; Maximum: No Ceiling.
PO - Cancellation Rs. 50/- per instrument +  GST

Remittance Facilities through other Bank (Cheque drawing arrangements)

DD - Issue Rs. 1.00 /- per Rs. 1000/-  + GST Minimum Rs. 15/- + GST  

Charges for cancellation of Cheque drawn under drawing arrangements

Rs. 50/- per instrument + GST  irrespective of instrument amount.

Stop payment of Instrument drawn under cheque drawing arrangement – Actual out of pocket expenses incurred + Rs 20/- per instrument + GST

Exchange on Discounting of drafts / Pay orders / Govt. Cheques 

Rs.0.05 paise per Rs.100/- per day for actual no. of days bank being out of funds (i.e., the actual day of credit otherwise in the a/c)subject to a minimum of Rs.20/- + GST. (No maximum ceiling)

Cheques:-  Rs .0.075 paise per Rs. 100/- per day for actual no. of days bank being out of funds (i.e., the actual day of credit otherwise in the a/c)subject to a minimum of Rs.20/- + GST. (No maximum ceiling)

Cheques Collection

Clearing Returns (Local)
Cheques presented in clearing for collection by our account holder and returned unpaid(outward)
Rs. 50/- per instrument + GST and interest @ 18% per annum in case of late returns in credit facilities account.
Cheques issued on us (inward) Upto 3 cheque (per year) – Rs.100/- + GST  per cheque or interest @ 18% p.a. whichever is higher.
Above 3 cheques (per year) – Rs.300/- + GST  per cheque or interest @ 18% p.a. whichever is higher.
ECS return outwards Rs.50/- + GST per ECS Return.

IBC - Bills/ Cheques for Collection

Irrespective of Amount

Rs.2.00/-  per Rs. 1000/- subject to a minimum of Rs.20/- + GST  + Postal Charges


For Savings Account Customers:
1.Upto and including Rs.5000/-
Rs.25/- per instrument + GST 
2.Above Rs.5000./- and upto and Including Rs.10000/- Rs.50/- per instrument + GST
3.Above Rs.10000 and upto Rs.1.00 lac Rs.100/- per instrument + GST 
4.Above Rs.1.00 lac Rs.150/- per instrument + GST 

For other than Saving Account Customers

1.Upto Rs.10000/-



Rs.50/- per instrument + GST 

2.Above Rs.10000/- and upto Rs.1.00 lac Rs.100/- per instrument + GST 
3.Above Rs.1.00 lac Rs.150/- per instrument + GST 
OBC Charges are inclusive of postal/ Courier, handling etc., other than GST..

ABB (Anywhere Banking) charges

Savings Bank (Cash Deposit) Non Home Branch  
Max.amount Rs.0.50 lacs per day to be accepted NIL
Current Deposit (Cash Deposit) Non-Home Branch  
Max Amount - Rs.2.00 lacs per day to be accepted  
Charges: Upto Rs.0.50 lacs per day NIL
Above Rs.0.50 lacs and upto Rs.2.00 lacs Re.1/- per Rs.1000/- + GST
In case the amount exceed Rs.0.50 lacs in a day, charges are to be collected on entire amount and not only on the amount exceeded.

Retail Loan

Loan Processing Charges For limits 0.50% and for Loans 1.00%  + GST
(For loans/advances of Rs. 1.00 lac and above)
Foreclosure charges when loan taken over by other Bank / Financial Institution. 2% of Outstanding Loans / Limits + GST
Solvency Certificate 0.25% of the amount applied.  Minimum Rs.500/-   Maximum Rs. 15000/- + GST
Charges for late payment of EMI 2% p.a.
Renewal Charges Limit processing charges as applicable
Late payment charges 2% p.a.
Commitment Charges 25% of the sanction limit will be charged + GST at applicable rate for all limits excepting limits against F.D. and Gold Ornaments on annualised basis. Not applicable if the average credit balance equivalent to 50% of the sanctioned limit is maintained in the other / same account during the period under review (other accounts include accounts maintained by the sister concerns).

Commission on Bank Guarantees

Against 100% Cash Margin/FD 1% p.a. of the Guarantee Amount.
Minimum Commission Rs. 100/- + GST
Against 25% cash margin/FD and Collateral Security for 75% 2% p. a. of the Guarantee Amount. (Minimum Commission Rs. 100/-).
BGs issued by Other Banks through Andhra Pradesh Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank: Based on Issuing Bank’s terms and conditions.

Commission on Foreign Letters of Credit (for Imports)

Import LCs are issued through IDBI Bank Limited as per following tariff:  
Sight basis Validity : 0.15% Sight : 0.15%
Usance basis Validity : 0.15%  
Upto 3 months 0.30%
Above 3 months 0.30% plus 0.075% p.m. for period above 3 months
Amendment to LC Rs. 1000/- per L.C.  

Other Charges

Swift Charges Rs. 2500/- per LC
Swift Charges for each amendment Rs. 1000/- per LC



Charge per transaction (Rs.)
Above Rs.2.00 lac to Rs.5.00 lac Rs. 20/- per transaction + applicable GST
Above Rs.5.00 lac Rs. 40/- per transaction + applicable GST


Upto Rs.10,000/- Rs. 2/- per transaction  + applicable GST
Above Rs.10,000/- upto Rs.1.00 lac Rs. 4/-  per transaction + applicable GST
Above Rs.1.00 upto Rs.2.00 lacs Rs. 12/- per transaction  + applicable GST
Above Rs.2.00 lacs Rs. 20/-  per transaction + applicable GST


RTGS & NEFT (online)outward charges - NIL

These are applicable for all types of transactions including inter bank fund transfers and for transactions originated and payable in India.


Particulars Charges to be levied
Accounts wherein monthly average balance maintained is Rs.5.00 lakhs and above --NIL--
Accounts wherein monthly average balance maintained is below Rs.5.00 lakhs
Upto Rs.1.00 lakh Free
Above Rs.1.00 lakh Rs.75/- + applicable GST per lakh with minimum of Rs.100 + GST

E-Payment –Non Account holders(TDS Challans)

For challan with amount below Rs.1.00 lac Rs. 50 per Challan plus GST 
For challan of Rs.1.00 lac and above Rs. 100 per Challan plus GST  .

No Charges will be levied for Account Holders irrespective of the Amount of TDS Challan. However, charges will be levied for non account holders.